– A New Focus

When I first set up this blog and purchased the domain, I intended to post about any technology that I came in contact with. However, after owning it for a year and not really putting anything into it, I determined that I would post about what I enjoyed the most—Ruby on Rails.

Over the last year, however, I’ve had two experiences that have altered the way I view programming and have helped me learn more about what I want and where I’d like to take my career. So, after careful consideration, I have decided to shift my focus a bit regarding my posting habits.

First, I intend to explore other languages. This does not mean I won’t be posting about Ruby and Rails anymore. I enjoy those languages and mean for them to be the central language and framework in my career path. But I will be posting tidbits from other languages as well.

Second, I keep learning and hearing about Agile Development practices. The more I hear, the more I like—generally. There are some finer points on some of the methodology implementations that I don’t agree with and I’d like to explore which methodologies I like and get feedback from other people who have put Agile Development into place on their teams regarding what works and doesn’t work for them.

Finally, I’ve found over the years that there is one thing I enjoy almost as much as programming—coaching. So, I’m going to start including articles about moving from a Junior Developer level to a Senior Developer level. I’m also going to cover general programming topics. And I’m going to include resources for others who are coaching some Junior Developers at work or on their own.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing for it. I appreciate any and all feedback regarding the content or topics I choose to place here.

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