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July 2010

This video goes over some issues that popped up while upgrading a Rails 3 application to the Release Candidate

This video goes over some issues that popped up while upgrading a Rails 3 application to the Release Candidate.
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Ron Stephens has been programming python as a hobbyist for the last 10 years. He’s a technologist, hobbyist, poet, and manager at a firm that makes hardware for satellites. He is the host of the python411 podcast and the awaretek podcast. He has tried many different languages including Perl, Ruby, Java, and Python.

During his exploration of programming languages, he has read and recommends:

When asked about what philosophies, approaches, and principles python developers adhere to he mentioned the Zen of Python.

We discussed podcasting and education. If you’re looking for Grammar Girl, click here.

If you want some python tutorials, check out Ron’s Tutorial page.

For new developers, Ron recommends:

For advanced developers, Ron recommends:

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Quick Ruby Tip: The inject method is useful for aggregating data across a dataset. For example a summation could be done with inject (by aggregating each number into the sum.)
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Agile Retrospectives are a great way to keep your agile methodology on track. There are a lot of ways to do retrospectives. I go over my recent experience with retrospectives and discuss some of the things we did right and what I have learned over the last few weeks while researching this topic.

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Geoffrey Grosenbach well known for his screencasts at as well as the Ruby on Rails podcast and Nuby on Rails.

He’s also doing some interesting things at Primarily, he’s writing articles that each have their own themes. Go check it out!

Geoffrey mentions that he’ll be speaking at SchnitzelConf in Vienna, Austria. It’s a conference about and for entrepreneurs.

It turns out the Geoffrey also created the Gruff library. Geoffrey now does his graphs with Raphael.

I also brought up which is a task manager. It’s pretty simple and was an experiment with AJAX and RJS.

Resources that Geoffrey mentioned for developers are:

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