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February 2011

In this installment in the Delicious Clone, we use CanCan to set some permissions on the Bookmarks Controller.

Next week, we’ll finish the bookmark creation process and the following, we’ll add styling with SASS.

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This turned out to be a great interview with David Heinemeier Hansson. He’s the creator of the Ruby on Rails web framework and a partner at 37 signals. We discussed what inspired him to build Ruby on Rails and work in Ruby. We talked about how 37 signals approaches things. We went into the Rails community and its ecosystem.

A few things that were mentioned:

On entrepreneurship, David tells us that building a company and concept has never been easier or cheaper. The barrier to entry is extremely low. You need more than programming power or business acumen to start a company. You need people who have an actual skill that will move the product or service forward.

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Run your tests faster with parallel_tests gem using all the cores you have on your computer.

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This is a quick demonstration of how to switch your Rails 3 application to HAML from ERB.


I’ve been reading the Software Craftsmanship mailing list where they were discussing whether software is a craft. Someone brought up the concept of what makes a “Master Craftsman” in software and I started thinking about how to determine if someone is an expert or master.

There are a few concepts out there including these:

Here are my thoughts on the subject.

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