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November 2011

Jim Jagielski is the president of the Apache Software Foundation and works for Red Hat. He’s a founding member of the Foundation and has been a developer on the HTTP server for over a decade.

We had an inspiring conversation about the Apache Software Foundation, the origins of the HTTP server, how the Foundation manages projects, and the incubator program. If you manage or contribute to Open Source software, then this is a discussion you’ll want to hear.


Jonathan Ellis is the Project Chair of Cassandra and co-founder of DataStax,  a company that specializes in helping companies set up BigData stacks with Cassandra, Hadoop, and other open source software.

His company just released DataStax Enterprise.

We had a great discussion about the origins of Cassandra, what it’s good at, how it stacks up against relational databases, and how a lot of its different parts work.


In the Jots (like tweets) in JotRod, I needed to generate a hash on creation as the key for the Jots. So, I determined that the easiest way to do that was to include ActiveModel Callbacks.

The module is pretty simple to add to your classes. Here’s a demo of how to add it to Sandra.

Sandra’s repository

JotRod’s repository

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Download (iPod & iPhone) 37 MB
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Lucene is a terrific tool for powering searches. Solr adds a layer of functionality on top of it that makes things even more easy to use.

In this interview, Grant and I discuss the ins and outs of using Lucene to power searches on your websites.