3 Sets of Programming Exercises to Polish Your Skills

by Charles Max Wood on September 9, 2009

Yesterday at the last URUG meeting, one of the presenters talked to us about Ruby threading and then got us started on an exercise building a chat server using threading. The exercise was enlightening and really cemented the concepts for a lot of the people there. So, I thought I’d share three sites that provide programming exercises to help you become a better programmer.

Project Euler

Project Euler is a series of math problems you can solve with programming. I’ve solved 25 of them so far and have my solutions on github. I prefer that you don’t look at the solutions until you’ve solved them yourself. If you’d like to discuss the solutions you got or the solutions I built, feel free to email me.


RubyQuiz ran for about 3 years under the direction of James Edward Gray II. Since he stopped doing it, it’s now posted on the Ruby Talk mailing list. The problems are generally intermediate with a few exceptions.

Code Kata

Dave Thomas of pragmatic programmers developed the idea of Code Kata. These are exercises that are designed to be repeated and the practices behind the exercises perfected. I’ve seen a few demonstrated and will be posting my solutions on my github account.

If you want an example of a Code Kata, look here.

Overall, practice makes perfect. It’s one thing to read about programming principles and practices and another to implementing. Good luck with these solutions. Feel free to post your solutions or links to them in the comments.

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