Preston Lamb Interview - Netlify

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In this episode of the DevEd podcast, Brooke and Preston mainly talk about Netlify, JAMStack (JavaScript, APIs, and Markup) and Preston's new course - Deploying Apps to Netlify. Preston starts with explaining what JAMStack is, why is it popular right now and it's numerous benefits. He talks about the difference between single-page applications and JAM, and how Netlify comes into the whole picture. He answers questions on how to do authentication with Netlify, what is CMS (content management system) in the context of JAMStack, CMS alternatives to Netlify, how Netlify handles dynamic data, serverless functions, Netlify pricing, possible substitutes for it and finally what makes it stand out from the others.

He then talks about what made him choose Netlify as the topic for his course, the authoring process, what the course is all about, and why should developers resort to the courses on in general.




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