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Don’t want to take the time to create a layout for your new Ruby on Rails application? Don’t worry. Use the Themes plugin! In this screencast, I show you how to easily add a layout with built-in menus to your existing Rails application using only 1 line of code.
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I just read the article by Pratik Naik from the Rails Core Team regarding Rails Templates.

Have you ever wished you could start out your Rails application with all of your gems installed and all of your standard setup items completed? Well, wait no longer. You can now do it with Rails Templates. Pratik covered it pretty well, so I’m not going to repeat what he’s done. Rather, I’m going to share a template of my own and explain why I included what I did.

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Learn how to create a simple plugin using Ruby on Rails. This video will teach you how to turn a view helper into it’s own plugin, and extend the ActionView::Base.
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