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Tim Harper ( presents a 13 minute tour of some of his favorite bash features that he uses on a daily basis. The font size is tiny, so be sure to watch it in full screen.
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Have you ever wanted to run a script or command from the command line and insert data into your rails application?, watch this this screencast and you will see the basics of how to interact with your rails application, starting from the irb ruby shell to the usage of the rails console and entering data into a rails application form a Linux shell prompt using the runner.

To ilustrate this screencasts some basic ruby scripts are used to generate our base of characters for a very simple dictionary generation using nested blocks.
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In this screencast you will see how to make a rails application capable of parse and execute shell commands using the ruby function %x

The screencast start with basic shell commands, creation of a ruby script demonstrating the concept and finally follow the recipe of 10 easy steps to build your rails shell application.
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