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Twitter just turned off Basic Auth and is forcing application developer to use OAuth. Here is a demonstration of how to add Twitter OAuth to your Ruby on Rails Application.

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In this concluding episode, we go over how to add search functionality to our Flitter application, and add a ‘follow / unfollow’ button which uses AJAX. This is the last of the 6-part series on how to create a Twitter Clone using Ruby on Rails.
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As I run the final stretch to see if I can get a RubyConf ticket, I decided to create a little tool to help me out. If you visit, you will see that they have a search page that auto updates when new tweets have been posted with certain keywords. I can’t watch the site all day, so I decided to write a little tool that will flash the messages on my screen using Growl. Here’s how I did it.
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The saga continues. Here we learn how to add the friends list to your application and we use AJAX to add/remove friends.
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We’re almost done! The remaining screencasts are already recorded, but not edited yet. To speed things up, I split it up into 3 or 4 screencasts. This one shows how to make the site look and feel like Twitter and also populates the right side column content. A bit of CSS, lots of Rails, and more of my ramblings 😀
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In this screencast, we continue our challenge of creating a Twitter clone called ‘Flitter’ using Ruby on Rails. We learn how to use jQuery to create a countdown for the text area box. We also set up adding and removing friends via the interface. Oh… you hear my baby cry and my sister-in-law call. Fun stuff 😀
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Now that we have a backbone to our ‘Flitter’ application, we learn how to create the front end and tie it all together. In this screencast, I cover a lot of CSS and getting your site to look good. I apologize for it lasting 1 hour, but I decided it’s better than chopping it up.
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In this screencast, I show you how to use the Twitter gem to connect to Twitter, and we clarify some of the difficulties that comes with learning OAuth.
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In this series, I attempt to recreate a twitter style application called ‘Flitter’. In this installment, I show you how to create an authenticated system easily using existing tools. I also show how to generate test data to simulate an active application. Finally, you will learn how to set up self-referencial associations.
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