Episode 22

TMTC 21 – Miles Forrest – Part 2


May 25th, 2010

31 mins 8 secs

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About this Episode

This part of the interview starts off with Miles and I talking about professional tracks that we're on. He downplays his understanding of Ruby on Rails a little. He did mention that he's been using Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorials.

He also brought up the idea of micro brigades—groups of 2-4 people who can become super intensive support systems to help each other learn. I think the idea is really a good one. It brings in accountability and pushes everyone to move ahead with what they're learning and provide accountability. Everyone should bring their own project.

Having everyone bring their own project, weeds out the non-programmers like recruiters and entrepreneurs that want you to build their code.

It's also interesting how widely spread the community is and how different the approaches are, not just to programming, but to life, throughout the Ruby community. The Ruby community is also very beginner friendly.

We also discuss what it takes to be a coder and how we can encourage ourselves and others to learn how to code.

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